I Had a Smokin’ Good Time at the Museum of Burnt Food!


Kruncheroni ‘N Cheese

Artist: David Beno
Submitted by Susan & Jack Beno

Head BFM Curator received this email: 
How can we submit something to your museum? This morning we awoke to very strong “burnt” smell in the house. When we got down to the kitchen we noticed that the microwave door was open, and there was plastic stuck to the bottom of the turntable. We questioned our 14-year-old son concerning this. It seems that last night he attempted to make Kraft macaroni and cheese as a late-night snack. The charred remains were in his room as he attempted to hide the fact. Never mind he couldn’t have possibly hidden the tell-tale smell. The Is there a possibility of submitting such an item to you? (S.B.)