I Had a Smokin’ Good Time at the Museum of Burnt Food!


Mmmmm … Soy Pups!

Artist: Deborah Henson-Conant

Occasionally food technology and cooking technology are at odds. When the age-old art of barbequing hot-dogs came face-to-face with the burgeoning technology of soy hot dogs, art was born! Though we’ve heard that modern-day Soy Pups stay disappointingly edible when barbequed, the original variety turned immediately to rock-hard objets d’art after only minutes on the grill. This exhibit is a beautiful example of old and new technology combining with unexpected results.

OF NOTE: Many people encounter a similar phenomenon when loading new software on ancient computers. See “Museum of Burnt Computers” (as soon as someone creates it.)

The aritst wishes to thank Stan Gill for the inspirational backyard Bar-B-Que that spawned this piece.