I Had a Smokin’ Good Time at the Museum of Burnt Food!


Pop Tarts

Artist: Linda Klag

With its soft focus reminiscent of spaceship-sighting documentation and angular lines, this beautiful, enigmatic image says at once “dashed hopes” and “possible alien invasion.”

Yet, even with such serious themes, “Pop Tarts” resonates with a charming sense of coy playfulness, as the blackened tarts peek coquettishly in synchronized duality from the toaster, as if from the multiple-personalities of a more human tart. 

It’s easy to imagine the tarts as two young girls, buckled into their Toaster-Roadster, and racing towards a thrilling and uncertain future – one can easily see the sense of forward motion, from left to right and imagine gossamer scarves trailing madly in their wakes.

The BFM thanks artist Linda Klag for capturing the essence of this timeless duality and sharing it with our visitors — and also for this rare glimpse into the Pop Art world of tarts.