I Had a Smokin’ Good Time at the Museum of Burnt Food!


The Slow Burn

A Lemon Spontaneously Combusts

Artist: Deborah Henson-Conant

There are many museum pieces that are the result of human error: a serendipitous carelessness, sleepiness or absentmindedness of their contributors. But there are others which, there is reason to believe, became exhibits through the carelessness, sleepiness or absentmindedness of the food itself. Or were they trying to send a message?

This originally luscious lemon (center, at left) allegedly got lost for several months, with the result you see in the photo. Was the lemon truly lost, or did it purposely commit this act of selfless artistry in order to prove a point? We’ll never know. But we can still appreciate the brilliance of this citrus swami in pointing out, through art, that we are ALL slowly burning.

Nityananda Lemonzest.