I Had a Smokin’ Good Time at the Museum of Burnt Food!


Well, It’s Done!

Artist: Susan Schlesinger
Donated by Stan Maciejewski (Susan’s Father)

Donor’s answers to BFM Submission Questions:

1. Title: “Well, it’s done”

2. Artist: Susan Schlesinger 

3. Donor: Stan Maciejewski Susan’s father

4. Creation Date: 5/31/2004

5. Location: Susan and her husband Fred recently purchased a new home in Califon, New Jersey. They work on the house and property whenever they can to make the new home more to their liking. I, Stan, and my wife Ellie drive to the house at least once a week to see the progress. This day Sue wanted to host a Memorial Day picnic. I’m glad all the other foods were OK.

6. Original Intention: We were invited to holiday picnic at our daughters new house.

7. Unintended Result: Fred, Sues husband bought a new outdoor gas grill, Sue turned the grill on high to get the coals hot, but got involved in something else and forgot that the grill was on high. When the odor of burning chicken drifted into the pool area she realized what happened. The result… No chicken for the guests, but the two dogs had one of the best meals ever.

8. Anything else: No…

The artist admires her work. A well-deserved moment to reflect and enjoy.